Margarita Cox


Homegrown Helens feat. Margarita & Leah Tysse
Margarita Cox & Leah Tysse


Featuring Leah Tysse & Margarita making music for the body & soul

Singer/Songwriters Leah Tysse & Margarita have teamed up to create music that makes you feel. Bringing sound to another level and marrying genres over the decades, this duo will take you to the roots of the acoustic voice all the way to the dance floor.
Their debut single, OPA is a way to bridge the generation gap and get everyone moving. Download now on


Opa? What does that mean?
(Put your boogie and the soul into it)

Feel the rhythm move your body
Find that groove is in your heart
You can Vogue or Boogie Woogie
It don't matter where you start

Everybody altogether
On the floor get on your feet
Start down low and move it higher
Put your hands up up the beat

Do the OPA

Do the Shimmy, Jive & Mambo
Mashed Potato and the Twist
Swing and Salsa, Macarena,
Electric Slide it goes like this

Everybody get together
Throw your hands up in the air
Stop what you're doin' just get movin'
It don't matter what you wear

Do the OPA

Come on B*t$he&
Break some dishes
Hands up in the air

Do the OPA