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MARGARITA - Singer / Songwriter / Actress


Singer/Songwriter Margarita is capturing the hearts of listeners around the world. Born in the San Francisco Bay Area, she studied piano and voice from a young age and knew that a life without music was not possible. It defined her. 

Margarita's sultry and romantic stage presence captivates her audience. People are just drawn to her. The combination of her degree in Vocal Performance, coupled with her love of languages, has allowed Margarita to perform in many countries including Greece, Canada, Germany, China, Cuba and Australia among others. She is best known for her appearance on "Fame Story," Greece's answer to "American Idol." Since then Margarita has become a well-known artist in the world of Greek and world music and she has performed with such artists as Glykeria, the "Voice of Greece" and internationally acclaimed vocalist. Evi Droutsa, Greece's top lyricist and TV personality, compared Margarita to the legendary Marinella.

Margarita's most recent endeavors include a collaboration with talented R&B singer/songwriter Leah Tysse. Using the alias 'The Homegrown Helens', the two are merging their individual styles to create something very unique. The Homegrown Helens will take you to the roots of the acoustic voice all the way to the dance floor. Their debut single, OPA is a way to bridge the generation gap and get everyone moving.

Another of Margarita's exciting projects, "Cine Ellinikon" (Greek Cinema), revives some of Greece's most coveted singers and songwriters of the 60's and 70's. The album is creating quite a buzz, along with her first music video, a remake of "Never on Sunday," an Oscar-winning song originally recorded by Melina Mercouri in 1960. In this album, Margarita works closely with talented composer and musician Ioannis Goudelis to capture your hearts with a trip down memory lane of a time in Greek history that produced musical innovation that is still relevant today.

Margarita's 2015 schedule includes more performing, recording, travel and special appearances. Stay connected and join the conversation. Follow her on Facebook and Twitter.

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